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What Strata Corporations Need to Know... and How We Help

Strata Governance

There is a lot of misinformation and assumptions about a number of topics that we'd like to clear up for you. Most of the answers come directly from the Strata Property Act.  We have highlighted and simplified a few parts of the act which could save you...

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Strata Communication

Communication is the most important thing in keeping harmony within a condominium community. It is also important to maintain open communication between council and management. Working in an open, cooperative and friendly manner is just the beginning. But there's more to communication than...

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Strata Financial Control & Administration

Financial empowerment of the strata council is one of our mandates. Councils should know and understand their day-to-day finances, including income and expenditures, as well as condo reserve funds, special maintenance accounts and the like. However, this is just the beginning of...

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Maintenance of Strata-Physical Assets

Building asset management is a process and decision support framework that covers the full service life of the physical assets of a building. We as your management company implement a system designed to monitor your strata building assets, which over time...

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