Self-Management Strata Consultation




Are you a self-managed complex or considering self-management?


If so...STOP, download and read the Free eBook before taking another step! 


There is important information self-managed stratas need to know which affects each and every owner of a self-managed strata. 


Our Self-Management Consultation Menu of Services includes the following:


Software Solutions


  • Your strata's website with many features 
  • Cloud-managed database, accounting, forms, bylaws, engineering reports, annual preventative maintenance programs, history of all meeting minutes, depreciation reports, invoices, and more
  • Secure centralized digital records (all historic documents are scanned) to promote continuity as council members change
  • Centralized email strata box for council/owner correspondence 
  • Quadruple back-up of all systems to ensure no data loss


Building Asset Management


  • We proactively track all current and historic expenditures on all major components in our Building Asset Register
  • Cash saving strategies provided for all major component maintenance & repair
  • Ongoing assessment of all major components


Professional Guidance


We guide council through:

  • Bylaws & legal 
  • AGMs & SGMs
  • Major project strategies
  • Insurance quotes & claims
  • Developing annual maintenance programs & budgets
  • Preparing annual budgets
  • Obtaining contractors, trades or engineers
  • Managing Scope of Work for major and minor projects; reading contractor quotes
  • Management of contractors, trades or engineers
  • Building asset management
  • Handling depreciation reports
  • Voluntary dispute resolution
  • Financial management (CRFs, special levy accounts, operating accounts, etc.)
  • Loan acquisition process (for major projects)
  • Digital record keeping


Education for Council Members 


We provide educational videos and materials to council members to assist them in understanding their position on council, including protocol, liability issues, conduct, expectations and much more.


We feel that when council members are informed, they are more confident and assured, knowing they are acting consistently within the bylaws. This results in council meetings being more productive and when positive results are happening within the complex, everybody wins. 


Read more below about how we do things differently to provide you with exceptional strata management.


Strata Governance
Strata Communication
Strata Financial Control & Administration
Maintenance of Strata Physical Assets


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