Full Strata Management Solutions

Strata management companies offer you all the 'bells and whistles'. They use boilerplate contracts outlining a myriad of services which sound impressive, but when you get down to it, it's not possible for the strata manager to perform these services … even though you're paying them. The fact is, its not their fault. The existing strata management business structure makes it near impossible for the strata manager to service your complex fully.


Read more about this in our FREE downloadable eBook  "The BC Strata Management Industry Rebooted" and you'll understand the reasons why we feel that REBOOTING the current strata management industry in BC is absolutely necessary. Read about how much the industry has declined, how it is costing you more money, and about the many innovative systems which we trust will help to set a higher standard for the strata industry. We intend to accomplish this one strata corporation at a time.


We work completely differently. We work with you to customize your services. In other words, you tell us what you need and we create your contract around those services … and you WILL receive 100% of those services.


How can we provide this level of service when our competition can't? The answer is, we have created a unique and more efficient strata management system. This system frees up our property managers to do the work they really enjoy...making site visits and getting to know you and your complex. 


To learn more about how we can accomplish this level of service for you, please PUSH HERE to request an in-person presentation.


Read more below about how we do things differently to provide you with an exceptional strata management experience.

Strata Governance
Strata Communication
Strata Financial Control & Administration
Maintenance of Strata Physical Assets


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