Strata Forms

Feel free to download the strata forms listed below as you wish. 



For your convenience, All Property Consulting Inc. offers the eStrataHub electronic document delivery service from Access Point information Canada (APIC) to process requests for strata documents. To place an order please click here

Download: The Strata Form A [Proxy Notice to appoint a Proxy for AGMs or SGMs]
Download: The Strata Form B [a legally required information certificate when selling your Strata lot]
Download: The Strata Form C [a Mortgagee's request for notification, advising them of any AGMs, SGMs or any money owed by a strata lot]
Download: The Strata Form D [a legal change of address for the Strata Corporation]
Download: The Strata Form F [a certificate of payment of moneys owed by a Strata lot. A sale cannot transact without this document being signed]
Download: The Strata Form G [applies a lien (charge) on a Strata lot. This is a legal document used under Sec.116 of the SPA to register the lien/charge on title]
Download: The Strata Form H [an acknowledgement of payment of a debt and releases the lien/charge against the strata lot]
Download: The Strata Form K [a notice of tenant's responsibilities and is required to be signed by the tenant(s)]
Download: Strata Form E
Download: Strata Form I
Download: Strata Form J
Download: Strata Form L
Download: Strata Form M
Download:Strata Form N
Download: Strata Form O
Download: Strata Form P
Download: Strata Form Q
Download: Strata Form R
Download: Strata Form S
Download: Strata Form T
Download: Strata Form U
Download: Strata Form V
Download: Strata Form W
Download: Strata Form X
Download: Strata Form Y
Download: Strata Form Z
Download: Strata Form Z.1

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