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The BC Strata Management Industry Rebooted - eBook

If you are a Strata Council member or Strata owner, this book is for you. Yesterday's style of Strata Management has created a hierarchy within the Strata Management Company which is affecting your wallet and ultimately your lifestyle. 


We often have strata council members come to us and say; "our current Property Management Company isn't providing the service we are paying for!" If that sounds familiar at all, you've probably felt frustrated and don't know where to turn.

We know how you feel which is why we created this eBook for you. It explains the current state of the strata industry in BC, how the industry got to where it is today and you'll realize that you are not alone. 


If you are a realtor, mortgage broker or mortgage lender, this book is also for you. Find out how large strata management companies have created an environment where individual property managers are having to carry more and more buildings which results in Strata Corporations getting poorer and poorer service, which affects prospective buyers and borrowers.


The question is: Why hasn’t the industry evolved with the ongoing needs of today’s strata corporation and what are the solutions? Is there a movement to change how the industry works?


There are solutions described in this revealing book which will prove to revolutionize the industry.


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