Can or should Self-Managed Strata Corporations use the services of All Property Consulting Inc.?

Answer: Absolutely! In fact, not having management representation can actually decrease the value and desirability of your complex. Here's why...


Many professionals in the real estate industry, realtors, mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders and mortgage insurers, often assume self-managed strata corporations are poorly managed. The assumptions in many cases are that: the strata corporation will have poor financials, inadequate reserve funds, out of date records and forms and possess no building maintenance plan. Sadly, this assumption is often correct. 


The affect of these assumptions can be devastating to a self-managed complex in that:

a)  realtors are reluctant to bring prospective buyers 

b) prospective buyers will find mortgage qualification more difficult or even impossible

c) the complex becomes less desirable to the 'industry'


The result of a less desirable complex is:

a) owners are forced to lower their selling price in order to attract potential buyers (resulting in lowering all unit values)

b) the overall value of the entire complex is diminished 

c) poor morale amongst the owners 


What services does All Property Consulting Inc. offer to Self-Managed Strata Corporations?

Answer: All Property Consulting Inc. offers customized management packages to self-managed stratas. We are happy to work with you to understand what services you need. Please PUSH HERE for more details  on our customized services.


Our strata only needs consulting services not strata management. Do you offer such consulting services?

Answer: If you are a high functioning self-managed strata corporation, we will be happy to discuss how we can work together to assist your complex in "looking" fully managed to the industry so as to not experience the industry assumptions discussed above. Feel free to call our office number below and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.


Can you help our strata keep the maintenance history of our building?

Answer: We offer a Building Asset Management System to every complex we manage. 


We are looking for Full Management services, do you offer such services?

Answer: We offer a full array of Full Strata Management Solutions which are customizable, so you choose as many services as you need. 


What should council expect when changing over to All Property Consulting Inc. as our new strata management company?

Answer: Our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible. We forward a welcome/communication package to all owners, and will answer any questions the owners may have during this process.  


How can we schedule one of your in-person presentations?

Answer: PUSH HERE 

Additional FAQs from BC Financial Institutions Commission

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