Strata Governance



It's what You DON'T Know as a Council Member or Strata Owner that could cost you!

And by costing you, we are talking time, stress, money or the dreaded legal issues, which everyone would like to avoid. 

At All Property Consulting., we feel strongly that education is critical for council members and owners alike. Living in a strata is obviously different than that of single family home living. People in stratas have to live in close proximity to each other, and are responsible for their own strata lot or unit as well as for the common property.


This is one of the reasons for the Strata Property Act, which is why if people have chosen condo living, they should understand these rules. It's usually because of ignorance of these rules or 'bylaws' where most issues tend to arise. 


Whether your strata is professionally (fully) managed or self-managed, every strata corporation falls under the jurisdiction of the Strata Property Act. It is important that strata councils are ensuring that their strata corporation is being operated in compliance with the Strata Property Act. We believe it is important that strata council members ensure their strata corporation remains in compliance with the Act and Regulations at all times, to avoid any unnecessary litigation being brought against the strata corporation.


Misinformation and assumptions tend to create the most trouble in a strata complex. If you know the rules then there's less chance of problems festering. Most of the answers come directly from the Strata Property Act.


The Strata Property Act is a huge document, so we thought we'd make it easier for you by highlighting and explaining in simple terms a few areas of 'Strata Governance' we feel are extremely important for Council and owners to know. (Of course reading the full document will be beneficial.) These important topics are broken up into a number of separate articles.


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What You Need to Know
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