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 Communication is...Everything!

Communication breakdowns occur between council and property management as well as between council and the owners. We have solutions for both.


Firstly, in the industry, lack of communication between a strata property manager and council is all too common and a constant source of frustration for both sides. Unfortunately, the existing property management system out there in the industry does not facilitate clear communication between management and council. (Please read more about this in our free e-Book entitled; The BC Strata Management Industry Rebooted)


One of the many results of the current system is that the property manager ends up carrying too many buildings to allow for regular communication with owners or council members.  


We have created a unique property management system which allows our strata managers significantly more time to communicate with council members of the buildings they manage. Our mandate is to always maintain open and transparent communication. This is another reason why we are different.


Secondly, we have also seen communication breakdown as being one of the top reasons many issues occur amongst strata owners and council. We are here to educate strata owners and strata councils to ensure miscommunication does not occur and end up in a dispute,. Lines of communication need to remain open and cordial. 


Strata living can be a first for some people and that's where an understanding of the bylaws becomes paramount. A condominium complex is like a mini city with its own rules and regulations for the purpose of living harmoniously. Peace and respect amongst strata owners within a complex is important to all owners.  


Understanding what condo living is about, and developing the correct protocols amongst everyone living in the strata complex goes a long way in maintaining a friendly environment. Disputes usually happen when owners feel they are kept in the dark or are not being heard. Often assumptions begin and things go awry and can get ugly. We feel this is completely avoidable.




Our mandate is to work with the strata owners and strata council to always be inclusive via an open dialogue. We encourage every owner to come out and observe the council meetings so as to maintain transparancy between the council, owners and management. This way, disputes, assumptions and misunderstandings can be minimized and avoided. 


We have heard from many councils that their current strata managers show up at a complex only when there is a monthly meeting. Does this sound familiar? At All Property Consulting, we feel this is unacceptable and can only lead to complaints and chaos. 


Our philosophy as your strata property manager is to fully understand your building. This means being familiar with all the major components in the complex and that means being there regularly. We want to know your building and your owners. Our unique management system allows our property managers the time to be on site, the way strata management was intended.

Regular site visits allow us to observe anything needing immediate attention. Preventative steps ensure everything is running properly, and this can only be accomplished by being physically present. Regular visits have allowed us to catch many component issues in their infancy stage BEFORE they become a major issue, which in the end helps the owners save money.

We also routinely meet with contractors to get quotes, do regular site inspections on work in progress to ensure work is being done on time and on budget, and keep track of all finances throughout the project.


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