7 Reasons Why We’re Different

7 Reasons Why We're Different


We understand that you can opt for any of the large property management firms out there, so why choose us?


Simply because we REALLY are different. 

Here are 7 solid reasons why we're different and why our clients have chosen us: 



7. Advanced Software Solutions - Our policy is to always stay current with strata management software and software development.  We integrate software solutions into our management systems which provides us more time to be hands-on with our clients.


We have implemented software solutions into our management system for our clients, which makes it easier to access all pertinent documents. Owners have 24/7 access to their strata accounts, forms, meeting minutes, bylaws and the “info desk”, which notifies owners of any updates, notices etc. Owners can also book guest suites, amenity rooms, service elevators and move in/out online. 


Council members have 24/7 access to financials, maintenance schedules, service contracts, all necessary Forms (B,C,D,F,H,K) and more. Documents are secure, private and are backed up daily on multiple servers, reducing the need for paper storage. This also becomes part of a succession plan for council members when there is council turnover.

Additionally, our state-of-the-art secure online system enables accounting staff to oversee any payments, retrieve invoices and payment records quickly and easily.


So, what is the end result of these efficiencies? Answer: MORE TIME FOR OUR CLIENTS ... With more time available for our clients, we can accomplish more together.

6. Regular Site Visits - With more time available (as a result of both our software and unique property management system), we are able to be at the complex on a regular basis. These visits enable us to get to know and understand the building's major components and building envelope. Being at the complex frequently allows us to spot many issues before they turn into costly repairs.


Over the years, we have saved strata corporations thousands of dollars by being able to identify potential issues before they become big issues.


Being at the complex on a regular basis also allows us to get to know owners and council members. We work together with the council in moving forwards with the goal of establishing a 5-Star rating for your complex.

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5. Education - is a significant part of our process. We firmly believe councils who engage in learning about finances, governance and strata protocol, including the roles and responsibilities of being a council member, ultimately make better decisions for their strata corporation. We provide this educational service to all of our clients and we have seen a big difference in how councils do business and make more confident decisions. 

We also provide initial and ongoing education for every property manager we hire in order to serve our clients more effectively.



4. No Preferred Contractors - When a repair job or renovation project is planned, we do not have "favorites". We believe this bias results in complacency and strata corporations not getting competitive quotes. The result? Often overpaying for work done, and work which is sometimes sub-standard. 


We ensure a minimum of 3 quotes are submitted for all major work. We do not accept "favours" from contractors. Our method is simple. Contractors who do good work, on time and on budget, will get the opportunity to submit a quote for the next job.



3. Asset Management - The financial wellbeing of the strata corporation is very important to owners and us as the strata management team. We have developed a system which monitors all the major components in your complex.

This results in less unnecessary expenditures on major (and minor) items.The benefits of this can be substantial. There are typically fewer council meetings deliberating  over these major expenditures, which means saving council members time, better functioning equipment and there can be major cash savings for owners.



2. Transparency - We strongly believe in transparency on every level. We feel councils should know everything about how their strata corporation is being managed by the strata management company. For example, financial control should be in the hands of council, not the management company. We provide council with full 24/7 access to all financials.

Additionally, we believe in transparency between council and owners to the degree that all owners should be able to observe council meetings (with the exeption of 'in camera' hearings) and be informed as to the future plans the council has for the complex. 



1. Success for your Strata Corporation - Over and above the standard duties of strata management, we believe professional management should assist and guide strata councils in strategies to ensure long-term success for the strata corporation and increase in asset value.

As in any business, one must plan for the future. We work with the council to develop a 'game plan' for the future of the strata corporation in terms of council succession, maintenance schedules and financial planning, all of which contribute to the overall stability and success of the corporation. 


We offer exceptional service, utilizing open communication, cooperation and transparency. We help the strata corporation to run efficiently and economically, and we work with owners and council to increase the asset value of the complex.

To learn more about how we can work together to make strata corporations a success and a great place for all owners to live, PUSH HERE to BOOK YOUR AWESOME IN PERSON PRESENTATION. 




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