Vision Mission & Core Values

All Property Consulting Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We believe that everyone living in a Strata Corporation should be able to experience the quiet use and enjoyment of their home. We promote this by providing exceptional Strata Management which is friendly,cooperative and inclusive.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be an ambassador for the Strata Management industry, and that is reflected in our service.


We provide Strata Management that maintains close contact with Strata Corporations and their strata councils through regular site visits, education, collaboration and software solutions. Our focus is to build harmonious communities and enhance the asset value of each Strata Corporation we manage.


Core Values


  • We listen ...
  • We meet our commitments ... 
  • We maintain open communication ...
  • We are constantly innovating and improving ...


To get a better understanding of why traditional Strata Management in BC is in need of a change, download your free eBook entitled "The BC Strata Management Industry Rebooted"


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