Strata Plan NW2495

To whom this may concern:

I am Gordon Price former owner of unit 401 and Council President from 2004 to 2006 of
Parkwoods Elm building strata plan NW2495.

Due to the failure of our previous property management company in general and manager in
particular to properly manage our building, I as Council president at the behest of the Council
terminated their contract. After researching and interviewing prospective management companies
Mr. O’Donnell came to my attention and upon a rigorous interview with him a number of key
elements were presented to us which favored Mr. O’Donnell.

Once onboard as our property manager, he set to work solving a number of long term issues
regarding illegal activity by some residents, improving security in the building and forcing
evictions and court actions as required including the forced sale of one of the units.
Together with his maintenance contractor at the time they properly diagnosed and repaired a
long standing (years) water ingress situation with one of the units which the former management
company spent thousands of dollars on yet never properly diagnosed nor fixed.

Prior to Mr. O’Donnell becoming our property manager, a piping situation where the entire building
complex (six buildings in all) were being pressured to re-pipe immediately without a proper assessment
of all of the buildings pipes. As we later found out there wasn’t a proper investigation into the condition
of the pipes but rather a slipshod assumption as to their condition based on some leaks in one or two
of the other buildings at the time and the management company ramrodding an expensive and
unwarranted repair without all the facts for our owners to make an informed decision so we halted the
action for our building. At our Councils request Mr. O’Donnell had our pipes tested for leaks and erosion
and presented the findings to Council which were not as severe as we had been lead to believe and
where he proposed a proactive solution to install a water treatment system to balance the waters
PH at a reasonable cost and further proposed a 5 year plan giving the owners time to raise sufficient
funds to reline the pipes without the need for a special assessment, which I might add was
enthusiastically accepted and voted on by the owners.

A few of Mr. O’Donnell’s salient qualities for recommendation:

  • He is a licensed Management Broker and Property Manager
  • His honesty and position on enforcing the Strata Bylaws is unshakeable
  • I found his organizational procedure and skill second to none

At that time his financial policy was ahead of the industry in which all of the buildings he
managed had separate accounts rather than a general aggregate account where all of the
funds from the properties were held, where only the designated council members had
cheque-signing authority, and all financial matters were fully explained and understood to
every ones satisfaction.

His demeanor and professionalism are first rate and the minutes to every council meeting,
AGM, SGM were promptly recorded, transcribed and posted for all owners with mail outs
to those who did not have Internet access well within the timeframe legally required.

With his extensive knowledge and experience, he is proactive in dealing with difficult
issues with effective real world solutions while being sensitive to the fiscal responsibilities
of the Strata Corporation.

I found Mr. O’Donnell an exemplary manager always professional and easy to get along
and work with. It has been my honor and privilege to know and work with Mr. O’Donnell
and I highly recommend him to any Strata Corporation, Company, Organization or
Entity that requires his services.


Gordon Price 

December 16, 2015

Council President of Parkwoods Elm Building - strata plan NW2495. (from 2004 to 2006)


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