Here are a few selected achievements which have greatly benefitted owners of Strata Corporations we have managed:


1.    We took over management of a 9 year old complex which had major water ingress issues. The council, on the advice of their previous management company, employed the services of a building engineer who had done a review of the water ingress problems. The engineer prepared a report which detailed the extent of the problems and gave the strata corporation an estimate of $6.5 million for the rehabilitation work. The engineer’s fee was based on 10% of the contract price. (That's $650K to the engineer.)

Upon reviewing the report, we recommended that council consider employing another engineer to provide a second opinion. We provided council with two proposals obtained from two other building engineering firms. 

Council selected a proposal received from Aqua-Coast Engineering Ltd. who provided council with 5 options for the rehabilitation of the building envelope. At a Special General Meeting, the owners voted to approve the most expensive option, costing approximately $2.7 million plus GST, with the engineer’s fee being a flat $108,000 plus GST.


The engineer prepared the scope of work and handled the bidding process. The rehabilitation contract was awarded to Ajax Building Products, who completed the project under budget for a cost of $2.4 million plus GST. As a result, a substantial rebate cheque was given to each owner on title. Needless to say, both council and owners were very happy. 


In addition, after this work was complete, a legal action was commenced against the original developer, with the action being handled by Access Law Group who worked in conjunction with Aqua-Coast Engineering the expert witness. The claim on the developer was settled through mediation for an amount of $1.3 million, which equated to 0.54 cents to the dollar.


2.    As management, we were party to an action in the Supreme Court of BC, brought against an owner by the strata corporation which resulted in a precedent at law being established. For the first time in BC, an owner was ordered to vacate and sell their strata lot because of the owner’s continued breach of the strata corporation’s bylaws and failure to abide by an order of the court. 

The Owners Strata Plan LMS2768 vs Jordison

3.    We took over management of a strata corporation situated in Metrotown in April 2010 from another management company. This hi-rise complex, built in 1991, had been experiencing major pipe leaks for a number of years and continued to have pipe leaks, despite a water treatment system being installed in the building in November 2009. 

During the time the building was being managed by the previous management company, the owners had approved and collected a Special Levy in the amount of $1.1 million to replace the copper piping within the building. Upon meeting with council, we informed them of an alternative process to restore the copper piping in the building by using a technology which lines the piping with an epoxy lining which lasts up to 50 years. We approached the company and obtained a quote of $734,000 plus GST. We arranged a Special General Meeting of the owners to present a resolution to vote on the alternative proposal. 

A representative from CuraFlo was invited to do a presentation of the epoxy lining process to the owners at the meeting. The owners approved the epoxy lining project which was successfully completed in March 2011, and a rebate cheque was given to each owner on title. Again, council and owners were very happy.


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