Who Are We?

All Property Consulting Inc. 
 All Property Consulting Inc. was created by Kevin O'Donnell, who is the Managing Broker and CEO.
Kevin has a background of 25+ years in the condo/strata management industry in the Vancouver area. Prior to immigrating to Canada from South Africa in February 1994, he was a realtor with one of the largest developers in South Africa, developing and marketing condominiums.


The strength of  All Property Consulting Inc. is the partnership between Strata Managers who have many years' experience in the strata industry and who are dedicated to providing superior service to their clients. Other Strata Managers who have witnessed our systems, strategies and philosophy are impressed by how different we are to the current industry structure and are keen to join with us. They agree that there is a need for a new approach to the structure of the industry which would allow Strata Managers to dedicate more time to each client and provide a more "hands-on" service to the Strata Corporations that they manage. We at All Property Consulting recognize that the key person in our operation is the Strata Manager; therefore, we are always looking for highly experienced Strata Managers who have been active in the industry for many years. In order to attract these individuals, we are willing to reward them by offering a far more beneficial package and providing them the opportunity to become part of a revolutionary approach which uses substantially more computer technology to make their working day more efficient and rewarding. Ours is a company where Strata Managers can do what they love to do ... provide good, effective and friendly personal service to their clients ... not being chained to a desk all day.

Our model allows Strata Managers to carry less buildings in their portfolios so that they can provide a more personal, hands-on service. Additionally, every strata manager at All Property Consulting will be committed to ongoing education and will be accountable for maintaining a high standard of exceptional service. It's a WIN/WIN for everyone.



As a result of our 25+ years of Strata Management experience in the Lower Mainland, we have created a list of the best building engineers, restoration companies, mechanical contractors, insurance brokers, legal firms and other companies specializing in the strata industry.


We assist strata councils by providing trustworthy advice, proactive maintenance programs, contractor work reviews, budget assistance, depreciation reports and asset management programs to ensure that the buildings are increasing in value and desirability.



Honest trades people



Our 25+ years in the Lower Mainland has allowed us to identify quality, reliable and honest contractors and tradespeople. We ensure that our clients get the highest quality work done at a fair price. We maintain a three-quote policy for larger contracts and repair work.




Innovative Money Saving Solutions



Despite having a full-management contract, many strata councils are finding that they are doing many of the tasks they are paying their Strata Managers to do. We can provide strata councils with many different options such as a customized self–management program, which includes accounting only and consultation, allowing the Strata Corporations to save money and pay for only those services that they need.


Our philosophy is to help owners and strata corporations save money through innovative solutions. Our fully customizable management programs all provide tools through the utilization of secure software for stratas to confidently and effectively save money. All our management programs include an educational component to facilitate this process. 



Strata Corporation Financial Statements



Every Strata Manager will understand how to explain financial statements in terms which will be easy for council and owners to understand. Stratas will have 24/7 access to financial statements on the strata's website.



 Strata Corporation Legal Stuff



We have an agreement with a prominent BC law firm which specializes in strata matters. 25+ years in  strata management has provided us many opportunities and experiences in strata issues, litigation and mediation.


Our team has had previous experience in precedent-setting cases for BC. One monumental decision was made in BC regarding the ‘Strata Plan LMS 2768, Owners v. Jordison 2013 BCCA’ matter.


We are happy to share our knowledge and mediation experience in order to solve many issues before they become legal matters.  




Passionate About Strata Management Industry



When you are passionate about what you do, it shows. We enjoy making our clients happy by doing exceptional work, providing friendly service and having fun with the collaborative process.






 All Property Consulting is happy to offer Customized Management Packages to suit any strata corporation's needs and budget.



Whether you need Full Management, a customized Self–Management program with basic accounting and consulting, or something in between, we will work together to create a management package that suits you. We know that every Strata Corporation has different needs and we understand that your requirements will be unique.


We are happy to outline our customized management packages at a presentation. Click here to Schedule an In Person Presentation













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