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All Property Consulting Inc.
Providing Advanced Strata Management Services throughout the Lower Mainland
Communication, transparency, innovation, hard work and personal time with our clients have been at the heart of our business for over 25+ years. 
In today's strata management industry, we feel this is the only way to provide service to our clients. 
Most management companies cannot provide the service we can, simply because of the antiquated  systems they continue to use. We recognized these issues and decided to implement a different model. We use software solutions, education and good old fashioned personal care to satisfy our strata clients. Councils want 'face time' with our property managers and we have figured out how to provide it for them. 
To check out how you or your Council can benefit from our service, simply give us a call or request one of our In Person Presentions. It's easy....just PUSH HERE


Who Are We?

All Property Consulting Inc. (formerly IPM & Associates Strata Management Inc.) has developed a more beneficial way to serve strata corporations and strata councils. With over 25 years in the strata property management industry, we are proud to

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Vision Mission & Core Values

Exceptional Strata Management through education, collaboration, transparency, face-to-face service and advanced software solutions. We have developed a business model which allows every Strata Manager we hire the ability to provide our clients with

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7 Reasons Why We’re Different

We offer exceptional strata management service, utilizing open communication, cooperation and transparency. 
We help strata corporations run efficiently and economically, and we work with stratas to increase the asset value of the complex.
There are

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As a strata management company, we have been a significant proponent of some major achievements for both owners and councils, resulting in the saving of thousands, and even millions of dollars in some instances, for owners. We have also been

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We endeavour to go over and above to provide our clients with the best strata management service possible. 
Many of our satisfied clients have written us to convey their appreciation. 

Careers With Us

We Are Always Looking to Hire Great Strata Property Managers 

What You Need to Know
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What do Realtors look for when representing a seller or buyer of a Strata Property?

There are a number of important factors which Realtor's look for when representing a buyer or seller of a Strata Property.
Learn the factors which

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Why a Realtor may steer their buyer clear of a particular strata purchase?

There are many reasons why a realtor may steer their buyer away from a particular strata purchase. 
Learn what you as a buyer should be aware of

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“We decided to hire a new management company to guide us through a major envelope retrofit at the same time as when we were commencing legal

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Once onboard as our property manager, Kevin O’Donnell set to work solving a number of long term issues regarding illegal activity by some residents,

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